Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Podcast Interview With Robison Wells Writing with a Mental Ilness

Talking with Robison Wells about Living and Writing While Dealing With a Mental Illness

by Writing Snippets
Rob Wells
In this interview, Robison Wells, author of Variant, a YA dystopian novel, opens up about his severe panic disorder. He shares his experiences to help others coping with mental illness in their own lives or in the lives of friends and loved ones. He talks about how his disorder impacted his life, his family, and his career. Please excuse the background noise - Jocelyn had to bring her baby to the recording session.
variant cover
He’ll be doing some book signings for Feedback, the sequel to Variant starting Oct. 2nd.
Check his website at http://www.robisonwells.com/ for details. And as always, leave a comment if you want the chance to win a signed copy of Variant. A winner will be chosen sometime next week.


  1. My son really enjoyed Variant. I've had anxiety attacks, but nothing that bad. My friend hardly left her house as a teen from panic attacks though.

    1. I think lots of people have had anxiety attacks and may not even realize what it is. I had them for years before I learned what they were and was able to get help to stop them.