Sunday, May 29, 2011

Caped Conduit

My friend Lilian Banks and I attended Conduit (a scifi/fantasy convention) this Saturday at the Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with Mario, Zorro, one of the three musketeers, a knight, some gypsies, some elves, and other fatasy/sci-fi characters.

Lili and I participated in a panel on podcasting. Our writer's group started a writing podcast in January 2011 ( We interview authors and give away monthly prizes. To be entered in one of the drawings just comment on one of our weekly posts.

We were lucky to be on the panel with Dan Wells of WritingExcusesRaven and Malak, and Robert Defendi. We also met one of our most avid followers, who we will be interviewing on the podcast in August, artist/writer Jess Smart Smiley. We recorded the panel and plan to put parts of it on our podcast.