Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Review: Newport Ladies Book Club: Paige

Paige is the third book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series. It's written by Annette Lyon:
The Newport Ladies Book Club: Paige

Author Biography

Annette Lyon is a Whitney Award winner, the recipient of Utah's Best of State medal for fiction and the author of nine novels, a cookbook, and a grammar guide as well as over a hundred magazine articles. She's a senior editor at Precision Editing Group and a cum laude graduate from BYU with a degree in English. When she's not writing, editing, knitting, or eating chocolate, she can be found mothering and avoiding the spots on the kitchen floor. Find her online at and on Twitter: @AnnetteLyon

Book description
After a bitter divorce from her unfaithful husband, Paige moves from Utah to California with her two little boys and vows to make a fresh start. She finds a job at a dental practice that helps her get back on her feet, but it's the friends she makes at her new book club who help her realize how strong she is and who give her support to carry on as she faces the challenges of being a single mom. She also meets Derryl, a wonderful, kind, attentive man who treats her right, something her ex never did. Yet Paige struggles to figure out who she is as a woman rather than a wife, how to help her boys adjust to a broken home, and whether she can ever trust a man or love again. As Paige leans on the book club ladies and Derryl's everpresent care, one thing becomes clear: healing from the past requires more than a change of address.

My Review
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the main character, Paige, and immediately sympathized with her situation. Her emotions and reactions seemed realistic for the most part. I liked how she dealt with the challenges of raising two young boys as a single mom and how she found ways to reach outside herself and help other women in the book club who were struggling. I especially liked the romance between her and Darryl, but I wanted to see more of their interactions and conversations. He seemed respectful of and open to her beliefs, and I wished she would have shared more of them and seen if he was interested. I was a bit disappointed at the ending. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Overall I found myself looking forward to reading the story and smiling a lot while I read it. 

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