Monday, March 24, 2014

Writing or Charity with Joe Monti

I had the privilege of attending the Writing for Charity conference last weekend and hearing Joe Monti speak. Joe is one of the new editors at Saga Press, a new Simon and Schuster imprint. I thought I'd share my notes on what kind of books he's looking for:

1. Crossover YA to adult fantasy/scifi novels dealing with coming of age.
2. He's mostly interested in teen and women's fiction (niche markets).
3. One example of the kind of fantasy he's looking for is Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief.
4. He tends more towards literary and likes R.A. Salvatore's Dungeons and Dragons series.
6. He also wants space opera and political scifi.
7. Romance-driven fantasy and sci-fi
8. Character-driven, psychological horror or supernatural suspense, such as Anne Rice.

That's it. Hope this helps. He'd be a great editor to submit to if you have a novel in any of these genres.