Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Hooks

Over at writingsnippets.com you can listen to our writer's group podcast with one of our favorite author's, M. L. Forman, on book hooks. Learn what a hook is, how to write one, what makes a good/bad hook, where to place hooks in your book, etc.

Also, let us know what you think by  making a comment on his interview at writingsnippets.com and we'll enter you in a contest to win one or more of his books or audio books in his Adventurers Wanted series.


  1. Cool! I'm listening to it right now, seems nice.

  2. writingsnippets.com, with an S.

  3. Ooh this sounds awesome, but sadly I'll need to go sleep now, so interviews and the like will have to wait. Will bookmark this, though. :-)

    By the way, do you know you have word verification activated on your blog?