Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More LTUE conference notes: Podcasting For Writers

I'm doing a lot of extra posts this week since I have a lot of notes to share from the conference. Check out my previous posts on the conference if you haven't already read them. Since my writer's group does a writing podcast at, I attended this panel to get more ideas for our podcast. After I went home I listened parts of the different podcasts. The sound quality for Author's Advisory wasn't very good on my computer, so I wasn't able to listen to much of it. Appendix Podcast has Robison Wells, Dan Well's brother, and has a fun dynamic and good sound quality. I haven't yet listened to Life is Fragile radio dramas but it sounds fun. I listened to a full episode of Create or Die and loved the conversational style between the cohosts and found the information they shared interesting and helpful. Here's what I learned from the panel. 

Introductions to the podcasts represented on panel:

Robin Weeks of author's Advisory
1 1/2 hours long
They interview experts

Consists of 3 hosts including Robison Wells and Marion Jensen, who has signed a
deal with Harper Collins

3. Radio Dramas Life is Fragile
            They do live radio dramas

They do Ebooks, give advice for any artisan of any genre, and focus on creativity

What are the Essential Elements of a Podcast?
News, updates, advice on writing, market trends
Writing rules
Make it Fresh
Live role playing/improvisation
Know who you are
Structure, tone, keep it consistent
music, sound effects

What are the benefits of having multiple voices (such as Audioplay)?
Help with formating, dynamics, interaction, conversation
Share the burden of creation
You can do audio book multi person podcasts
Network with your friends and gain more followers

How much preparation is involved in the podcasts?
Author’s Advisory uses outlines with questions, topics and subtopics
They also ask their guests if they want to add anything
They contact best selling authors and arrange to have them on the show
They do conference calls
Appendix Podcast plays games by creating a story on the spot
They also do conferences through Skype and pay their guests in donuts

What types of technology do the different podcasts use?
Author’s Advisory uses free, which includes an outline board. 
Listeners can call in and ask questions
Create or Die uses a $25 mic. 
They editing every once in a while or stop to collect their thoughts or they throw out podcasts.
Another podcast used a home recording studio with a Midi condenser mic. and Mixer (300) stands and used Sony vegas audio editor
Sound quality depends a lot on the room you record in and is important
Hook up through I-tunes
Distribution through Google Plus Facebook

How do you advertise?
Word of mouth
Presence on the internet


  1. Very interesting info - thanks for sharing!

  2. I used to do a podcast, back in 2006-2008. It was so much work, as my show was highly produced. And when I got picked up by Podnet for syndication, it just became too much work!

    I look forward to listening to your Writing Snippets podcast, though!

  3. Thanks for your notes! I really wish I was there too! :D