Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Writing Resolutions: Keeping it Real

Happy New Year everyone! How are those resolutions going so far?

In the past my writing goals have been to publish a novel, get an agent, or something crazy like submitting to thirty agents a month. Grand goals I either had no control over or that were unattainable. One year I got discouraged since I hadn't met my goals the year before, so I didn't make any goals at all. That way I wouldn't have to feel let down. Though I'd really like to get an agent and an editor this year—and if I stick to my goals I might—I'm keeping it real and concentrating on a few resolutions I know I can keep:

1. Writing for 2 hours a week between 1-3
2. Having my 4th novel critiqued by my 2 writers' groups
3. Revising my 4th novel according to those critiques
4. Sending my novel to 4 agents a month
5. Attending a conference and pitching my book to an editor

I'm tempted to make more goals but I'm going to stick to these. How about you? What are your writing resolutions this year? Good luck!


  1. Hey Alice! Long time no chat. How are you? Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's awesome that you'll get two hours a day to write. Sometimes I really try and have like 20 minutes with luck! My writing resolution now is finish the book I'm writing by May. I have 40k and am missing like 25k, so I guess it's doable. :)

  2. Nice to hear from you Monica. Those are great goals. Good luck with them! You have an awesome blog.

  3. Go Alice go! I love those goals! I'm hoping to write 2 books this year and have a baby :)

  4. Those are some big, exciting goals, Heather. Congrats!