Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fairytales Can Come True: with a lot of help and hard work!

 My daughter got married last week. It was a joyous occasion with family and friends. I'm still catching up on my sleep, resting my back, and putting away wedding stuff while basking in the happiness of it all, and I wanted to share a few pictures with you.

I was amazed at how many people helped us out with decorating, invitations, food, setting, photography, cleaning up, etc. We couldn't have done it all without them. I was a basket case by the end and couldn't make a decision if my life depended on it, but it was wonderful to see it all come together. So many people said how lovely it was. My daughter wanted a woodland fairytale wedding and said it was all she'd dreamed of, so the hard work paid off in the end!

For the last several months, planning the wedding has taken up most of my spare time, but I've been revising a little in between. Tonight I meet with my critique group to find out how my revisions went on the first hundred pages of my WIP (A modern day Beauty and the Beast tale). Hopefully it's much improved and all my hard work on the revisions and all the help and critiques will pay off as well!


  1. Great photos. I'm glad the wedding went well. Although you definitely can't be old enough to have a married daughter!

  2. Ha ha. That's nice of you too say.

  3. It looks absolutely amazing! I'm so happy it all went well :)

  4. Thanks Heather. I'm glad it went well too. I'm still recovering! Hope all is well with you.