Friday, March 30, 2012

Accomplishing Your Goals As a Writer

Me and Brandon Mull (author of Fable Haven Book, Candy Shop Wars, Beyonders) at LTUE:

Here are a few tidbits from Brandon's presentation:

Editor's Dream—your book fits neatly into a category but it's a little different in a cool way.

Discovery writing—think about, see story like a movie in your head.

Why do I write fantasy stories? I can break the rules of reality and make up new ones.

Either your writing is just a hobby or you really have to love it. All you can do is write what you're most passionate about and hope an editor and other people like it.

Mission statement—write a book the whole family can read and not get bored.

  • Eg. . . Harry Potter—young character, story really smart, twisty, cool. Kids and adults like it. 

Writing comes from daydreaming.

As writers, one of the most powerful tools we can have is "evocative details."

  • Scents
  • Painting a picture
Characters are everything—I love getting my characters into situations they can't get out of and finding legitimate ways to get them out

The hard stuff—get the book written
Time—squeeze in wherever you can
Rejection—if you can, hang in there through the rejection and find the time to write so you can succeed

Connect with editors

That's it!


  1. I was in this one too. Ha ha, small world! Are you going to Storymakers? If so, we should meet up :)

    1. Dang. I wish I could go to Storymakers and meet up with you. Have fun. I hope you share some of your notes on your blog.

  2. Great post with great tidbits! I have to remind myself to write the story of my heart and not worry about marketing (at least, during the first few drafts). Needed the reminder today - thanks!

  3. Looks like you went to a great conference. I'm glad you came away encouraged.

  4. Cool tidbits--I also love when the whole family can read together!

  5. Harry Potter seems to the example of almost anything done well in writing.