Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Christmas song and upcoming Christmas performance

I was asked to write another song this year for a Christmas program at church. The theme is how we become stronger by weathering the storms of life and how sometimes our most difficult trials can turn out to be our greatest gifts. Here are the words I came up with.

Snow Flakes

Frozen Flakes flutter down from the sky
Filling the air with a flurry of white
Before me a mountain looms high and steep
I don't know if I can climb this peak

When snow flakes fall and heart aches call
When dark clouds hide the sun
When winter winds blow and silent tears flow
You can always run
To the one who makes rainbows from rain
He creates joy out of pain
When snowflakes fall and heartaches call

If you're lost he'll lead you by the hand
if you stumble and fall he'll help you stand
if you are stranded out in the cold
He'll find and gather you into his fold


You may pray that he takes it all away
But sometimes the greatest gifts
come from ploughing through the deepest drifts


Also, I'll be performing a couple of Christmas songs on Saturday the 10th at 8:00 at Wingers in West Valley. If you'd like to enjoy a night of all-you-can-eat wings and Christmas music, come and join us!


  1. That is a wonderful song, Alice. Very nice!

  2. That is beautiful Alice! I wish I could come up and hear you sing. I had no idea you wrote songs (or performed them!) :)

  3. Thanks Kaisie and Erin. It's kind of a secret hobby of mine since I don't perform often due to stage fright, but I'm forcing myself to overcome that by getting out there and singing. I'll post a video or recording of the song when I get one.

  4. Kaisie, How's your song writing going? Are you performing any of your songs anywhere?

  5. Wonderful song. I wish I could have seen you sing. I didn't know you were multitalented.

  6. Thanks Cathy. I've changed the words to the song since I posted it. The performance was fun.

  7. Thanks Jewel. How's your singing/songwriting going? Are you still performing. I'd love to hear you and even sing together sometime.